NIOD Rewind published a new podcast episode featuring Marieke Zoodsma

The NIOD Rewind Podcast on War & Violence, hosted by Anne van Mourik, published a new podcast episode this week featuring a conversation with Marieke Zoodsma. 

“What is the value and meaning of political apologies across cultures? In this episode, Anne van Mourik speaks with historian Marieke Zoodsma, who researches how apologies are expressed and received across the world. How do political authorities across the world address or redress past wrongdoings in these accounts? How can we understand the large number of political apologies in the recent past? And can political excuses effectively help processing suffering or lead to reconciliation?”

The episode includes Marieke’s comments on the apologies made by Dutch (political and royal) leaders to Indonesia, including the recent apology offered by the Dutch PM Mark Rutte.

Listen to the episode via Soundcloud or Spotify.