Publication in Journal of Peace Research

The Journal of Peace Research has just published the article “Examining the ‘age of apology’: Insights from the Political Apologies Database”, written by Marieke & Juliette. The article is a first introduction to the Political Apologies Database. For this, we have systematically mapped and compared 329 apologies across 74 countries. In this article, we show that there has indeed been a rise in the number of apologies in the past decades (the so-called ‘age of apology’) and that this phenomenon can be found across the world (albeit with some exceptions, see here Figure 2 but also Figure 4 in the article).

A comparison of other characteristics of apologies is also included (human rights violation, the role of the apology sender, etc), as well as a detailed description of our data collection and coding process.

The article can be found open access here: 
Zoodsma, M. & Schaafsma, J. (2021). Examining the ‘Age of Apology’: Insights from the Political Apologies Database. Journal of Peace Research. DOI: